25% discount
Hybrid Supreme
  • Save 25%
  • 10-year warranty
  • Free transport
  • Installments with 0% interest

Mattress to the power of superlative

4 support layers: Memory Foam and Smart Foam + spring pocket core

100 nights with no strings attached

We believe in love at first touch, however we also believe that you’re entitled to much more than that. You can be in an open relationship with our mattress for 100 days and if by the end of that time you’re not convinced that you want to share the same bed together forever we’ll pick it up and refund you fully.

Comfort comes to your doorstep

Some things in life will require an effort from you. Not the mattress that you’re entitled to. We’ll ship it to by courier with no charges so the only hard part on your behalf will be leaving it each morning

Love lasts more than 3 years

10 years warranty for the core and 3 for the cover. Now that’s the basis for a sturdy relationship

It won’t know how you sleep out of the box. But it will learn it in a second

Comfort, flexibility, firmness…if these are attributes which you desire in your bed, then Hybrid Supreme is the mattress that you’ve been waiting for. By combining the best traits of spring and foam based mattresses, Hybrid Supreme will offer divine moments in bed, spent doing nothing. Or anything else that you could think of.


Maybe it’s the sleep that you’re entitled to or drifting off and thinking about how the Big Bang came to be, maybe it’s a second when you unwind…the whys differs yet the comfort remains a constant when you choose our pillows, made from the best goose down known to nature and 100% organic cotton.


A warm presence without being suffocating. A soft touch when you fall asleep and the same when you wake up. The embrace that you wish would last forever. The duvet that you’re entitled to. Made from 100% natural cotton and the finest goose down.

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