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Sleep on a soft and fluffy cloud

Explorers of the urban jungle, late hour athletes, numbers ninjas, Zen superstars, perfectionists in laziness – your mattress has arrived.

A blueprint for perfect rest

4 support layers: A superior memory foam layer. Flexible yet almost indestructible. Qualities of a true leader, we might add. Another memory foam layer, for added comfort. It will read you like a scanner and adapt to your body faster than a supercomputer. Two layers of PU foam – support foam which encases the core and gives the mattress firmness, also responsible for the fact the you’ll never feel the springs. We could call it the eminence grise but we don’t want to sound elitist. A core based of individual Spring Pocket springs. The heart of our mattress and the epicenter of an ideal sleep you’re entitled to.

Height matters

Just like a professional athlete, Hybrid Supreme stand out at a glance. With its 22 cm height, our mattress is above the market norm and that means comfort and durability.

Touch me

Before we open our eyes to the world we explore it through touch. We know that this fact isn’t necessarily about waking up each day but it could sure be. Because you’ll love touching the Hybrid Supreme cover each and every day. Made from the finest , quilted for comfort and durability and featuring an anti-slip panel, our mattress offers you all the sensations you’re fully entitled to. Oh, and the cover can easily be removed for cleaning purposes.

You’re entitled to a lot. Allergies are not on the list.

So that’s why Hybrid Supreme promises that your bed will welcome you and your loved ones. Made out of anti-allergy and dust mite-proof materials, our mattress will defend you while you sleep. And you won’t even realize it.

Orthopedic support

A quality mattress should provide adequate body support to prevent back, neck, hip, or whole-body tension pain. The Hybrid Supreme Mattress offers a stable but flexible support thanks to the spring core. At the same time, the mattress takes over the shape of the body, without putting pressure on the muscles, due to the different layers of memory foam.

Perfection guaranteed

You could choose not to believe us when we tell you that we use the best quality materials known to man. We won’t mind and just show you our OKEO-TX Standard 100 certification ( for non-toxic materials ). Oh, and the CertiPUR-US safety and quality certification for the foam in it.

Transport and Assembly

Time this paragraph... Whether it’s the night when you slalom through neon lights or “just a page” said on a lazy tone, the adrenalin of a rapidly encroaching deadline or just a minute more in the shower, your time is precious. So, we won’t waste yours by making unboxing a chore. Once you take possession of Hybrid Supreme, rolled for easy transport, the setup should take about as long as reading this paragraph. And we’ll show you how to do it.

You deserve a mattress that offers
  • Orthopedic support
  • Supreme comfort
  • Anti-allergy properties
  • Optimal temperature control
  • Time resistance

100 days of free no-strings usage and a complete refund if you’re not satisfied.

A mattress that waiting for you right here

Cash on delivery, online card payment or installments.

Fitting the mattress

Only a cardboard box alongside an outer and inner plastic wrapper stand between you and ultimate relaxation. You can undress our mattress easily and it will be in great debt to you if you handle sharp object around it carefully, should you choose to use them. We’re sure you’d do that anyway since you know that it will also take care of you for years on end.

Maintenance Mattress

We don’t believe in relationship rules but we’re glad to give you a few maintenance tips.

Allow the mattress at least 24 hours to get reach its initial shape.

Pressed products will regain initial shape a few days after unboxing.

  • Mattress cover washable at 40 degrees.
  • Avoid getting the mattress moistened.
  • Vacuum cleaning only
  • Protect the mattress with an extra cover
  • Regular aerations are recommended.
  • The mattress supports 130 kg per person.
Technical information
Core composition

  • 2 cm 100% polyurethane
  • 14 cm Spring Pocket steel springs
  • 2 cm 100% polyurethane
  • 2 cm 100% polyurethane Memory foam
  • 2 cm 100% polyurethane Smart foam

Composition Case

  • 2 cm 100% polyurethane

Operating Instructions
  • This mattress is delivered rolled.
  • Carefully undo the protective film, without using scissors or other sharp objects.
  • All new materials smell. The new mattresses have the so-called "factory smell" because they have been sealed in non-aerated packages.
  • This odor will disappear if the product is left to air at least 24 hours before use.
  • Allow the mattress to return to its original shape (minimum waiting time 24 hours).
  • The pressed products regain their shape and size within a few days after they are unpacked from the original package.
  • The mattress cover is washable at 40 degrees.
  • Avoid wetting the mattress.
  • The mattress is cleaned only with the vacuum cleaner.
  • Protect the mattress with a cover.
  • Periodically ventilate the mattress. uses cookies to personalize and enhance your experience on our site.

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