Utilisation of this website involves acceptance of terms and conditions below.
We recommend reading them carefully. S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. may modify at any time these provisions with no previous notice. The most recent version may be found at the internet page „Terms and conditions”.

1. Operator’s Identification Data

S.C. Minet Conf SRL, having headquarters in Rm. Vâlcea Municipality, 49A, Cătăneștilor Street, Vâlcea County, phone # 0738 003 538, email contact@domine.ro, incorporated with the Office of Trade Register of Vâlcea Tribunal under no. J38/227/2001, sole tax identification code CIF RO14040196, registered assets RON 4,760, bank account RO41BACX0000004566539001 open with Unicredit Bank, Rm.Vâlcea Branch.

2. Personal Information

You agree that supply of services or products starts immediately after all demanded formalities for registration or introduction of required information have been fulfilled. Information supplied shall be correct, exact and complete. By opting for registration, you are liable to correctly provide us with name, address and other useful information. For correction or updating of such information, you shall accede the menu „Personal Data” in „My Account”.
By accessing the account and using your personal password you become liable for all actions arisen from use of such. S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. cannot be held responsible for errors occurred further to user’s negligence concerning security and confidentiality of his account and password.
In the event we find out that data introduced are not compliant with reality, are inaccurate or incomplete, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel your account.
Should you have opted for receiving information concerning products, offers, promotions of Minet Conf SRL, then you agree to receive such information by e-mail, phone and mail. At any time you are entitled to come back to your option by sending over a written application to the e-mail address contact@domine.ro

3. Security of Personal Data

S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. undertakes to keep confidential the personal data according to provisions of legislation in force. Your personal data will be used by S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. in order to confirm orders and their delivery, achieve statistic reports for the use by S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. By purchasing the products you agree that your personal data (surname, given name, address, phone, e-mail) should be processed by Minet Conf S.R.L. We do not collect traffic data.
Your personal data could be sent over to authorities of right with an aim at checking trading transactions or to other authorities of right for performance of any law based verifications.
Data supplied by clients are strictly confidential. S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. commits in front of their clients not to supply such data to third parties or companies but to make use of them strictly for the use of the business relation between client and S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L.
This website uses security actions against loss, alteration or wrong use of information under our control. Confidentiality of personal data sent over by means of forms in the online shop www.domine.ro is assured with SSL certificate.
S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. undertakes to observe your rights granted by Law 677/2001, and on your application transmitted to the address 2, Depozitelor Street, Rm. Vâlcea, Vâlcea County, Romania; we undertake to: rectify, update, block, delete or convert, free of charge, into anonymous data those data the processing of which is not compliant with provisions of the Rules no. 679/2016 concerning persons protection, personal data processing and free circulation of such data – and cease processing your personal data.
S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. certifies to observe the rights granted by the Rules no. 679/2016 about the natural person protection as for protection of the personal data processing and free circulation of such data, of Law no. 365/2002 concerning electronic trade, as well as Government Emergency Ordinance O.U.G. no. 34/2014 concerning consumers’ rights within contracts concluded with professionals and for modification and supplementing of normative documents, among which rights the following are also listed (listing not having limiting feature ):
1.Right to be informed = the right to be informed about processing and protection of personal data by operator ;
2. Right to data access = the right of the data subject to get from data controller data on demand and free of charge, acknowledgement of the fact that the personal data subject to such are or not processed by this one ;
3. Right to rectification = the right of the data subject to get, on demand and free of charge rectification of inaccurate data concerning such, as well as supplementing of incomplete data ;
4. Right to delete data (“right to be forgotten”) = the right of the data subject to get on demand and free of charge to the extent that conditions provided by law are met, the deletion of personal concerning that person;
5. Right to restricting processing = the right of the data subject to get, on demand and free of charge - to the extent that conditions provided by law are met, marking the stored personal data with an aim at limiting any further processing of such ;
6. Right to data portability = the right of the data subject to receive, on demand and free of charge, personal data in structured manner that is used as a rule and into easy readable format as well as the right that such data are sent over by the company to another data controller to the extent that conditions provided by law are met;
7. Right to opposition = the right of the data subject to oppose at any time for founded and legitimate reasons related to their individual status that the personal data focusing on them be subject to processing to the extent that conditions provided by law are met;
8. Right not to be subject to individual decision = the right of the data subject to demand and get withdrawal, cancellation or reassessment of any decision exclusively based on processing carried out by automated means (including profile generating) causing juridical effects;
9. Right to have direct recourse to justice system or address the National Personal Data Processing Supervision Authority = the right of the data subject to address a claim to the National Personal Data Processing Supervision Authority, respectively to have direct recourse to justice system in order to defend any rights guaranteed by the legislation applicable in the field of protection of personal data having been breached.

4. Copyright

S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L.  declare on their honour that the entire contents on website www.domine.ro is original and all resources used (product images, specifications, videos, text,etc.) are used with accept of the source (producers, supplier, etc.), with no infringement of the copyright. For reporting of any cases of copyright infringement, www.domine.ro makes available to you the e-mail contact address [at]domine.ro.
The entire contents of the website www.domine.ro: images, texts, graphs, symbols, web graphic elements, scripts, software and other data – are in Minet Conf’s property and its suppliers’ and defended by the Law for protection of copyrights and laws on intellectual and industrial property. Utilisation without Minet Conf SRL’s agreement of any elements above listed shall be punished in accordance with laws in force.

5.Access to Website

S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. guarantees any user’s access in personal interest to this website. S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. declares on their honour to forbid explicitly and they will forbid by any technical and legal means available to them: downloading or partial or integral modification of the website www.domine.ro, partial or integral reproduction of website, copying, sale or exploitation of information of the website in any manner for commercial purposes or contrarily to any interests of the S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L., which is the owner de lure and de facto of the website www.domine.ro.

6.Product Description

S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. declares on their honour that the products they sell are original products. The products are offered just as presented and offered by their producer within the limit of the available stock. Purchasers agree explicitly that the original products bought by means of this website are designed to household use.
S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. cannot guarantee availability in stock at any time for all the presented products. S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. will let consumer know about any product unavailable; any sums paid by any purchaser in advance – without having received acknowledgement of their order – shall be reimbursed by S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L.  to the shortest notice but not later than 7 days in the event that Minet Conf S.R.L. cannot honour an acknowledged order.
With consumer’s agreement, S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. may deliver a product or service that is similar in quality and against a price equivalent to the ones initially requested in case of unavailability of the product or service ordered, or else recourse to reimbursement by S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. of the sum paid by consumer within maximum 7 day time.
Images are presented on website by way of example, without generating contractual obligations; in spite of all precautions taken by S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L., the delivered products may be slightly different from images as for their colour, accessories, general appearance, particular aspect, etc., in which case any purchaser may give up purchasing. S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. states that all producers of the original products sold by means of the website www.domine.ro- reserved their right to alter the technical and commercial specifications of the products without prior notice.
S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. does not undertake responsibility for the good run of external content sources, which references are made to, not being in any way involved in managing such – and they reserve their right to block access by means of this website to those Internet areas that may have unlawful or harmful contents.
The maximum value of obligations of the company S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. versus any client in case of failing to deliver or improperly deliver is the value of the sums collected by S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. from that client.
S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L  is not liable in any way for any kind of damages, direct, indirect, accidental, special referring to, including but unlimited: non-achieved profile, impossibility of using or other intangible or immeasurable losses (even if S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L had been informed beforehand about the possibility of occurrence of such casualties), resulting from:
1. a) possibility or impossibility of accessing the website by users during an indefinite period of time ;
2. b) utilisation or impossibility of using information of the website ;
3. c) unauthorised access to, or damaging of user’s transmission or data ;
4. d) statements or actions of any third party on services of the website;
5. e) any other issue related to the services of the website .
S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L  reserve their right to alter and update at any time the entire contents of this website with no prior notice.

7. Prices

Prices of products displayed on website are expressed in LEI and include VAT. The purchase price of product written on the invoice shall be same as that displayed on website at the time of placing the order.
The validity term of prices and the offer is mentioned on website www.domine.ro.; in absence of any mention prices may be altered at any time. Also prices may be subject to daily modification depending also on the evolution of the exchange rate announced by Romania National Bank.
All the offer and all promotions are only valid within the limit of available stocks. Promotions shall not be cumulated in any form, a product in promotion cannot be applied another discount, too.
S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L reserve their right to cancel an order in the event that the price of the product was wrongly entered in the database or wrongly displayed, to the extent that the delivery has not been carried out yet.

8. Methods of Payment

We make available to you the following methods of payment for your orders at: www.domine.ro:
1. COD (Cash on Delivery)
• Products are to be paid to the courier delivering them, together with delivery fees included in the invoice value.
2. Card Online Payment
• Payments may be done online with card (private card, or company card) .
• Cards accepted are issued under Visa (Classic and Electron) and Master card and Maestro.
• No additional commission is charged for transactions
• To finalise any transaction the following shall be provided:
- Card code (all digits on card front, no spaces) ;
- Expiry date;
- The last three digits on card back inscribed on the band bearing your signature .
• Transactions are to be done in LEI to the exchange rate of your bank irrespectively of the currency you have in account .
• We do not request and/or store any kind of details referring to your card.
• Processing of data on card shall be done by servers mobilpay.ro: https://www.mobilpay.ro/public.
3. Payment Order
• A proforma invoice is generated and sent by e-mail or fax to the client. The bank account is written on the proforma invoice.
• Products are to be sent to client after money have appeared in the bank account of domine.ro (SC MINET CONF SRL).
S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. reserve their right, in the event that products have status of stock „External order” or „On order”, irrespectively of the chosen method of payment, to request down payments, either integral or partial, as applicable; in case that the down paid sum is higher than the value of the ordered products, the difference will be immediately paid back to client.
Should the down paid sum be less the value of the ordered products, then client shall pay off the difference at the time of delivery.
For this last case, as well as for cash on delivery, the ordered products shall be integrally paid off, or else no delivery will be carried out.
4. Card Payment by Instalments, No Interest
Card payment by instalment with no interest is valid for holders of cards with the following banks:
- Transylvania Bank
- Credit Europe
- Garanti Bank
- Alpha Bank
- BRD Finance
In order to pay online with card in the ordering process select the payment option – Card Payment by MobilPay.
WARNING: For card payment, the order shall reach minimum LEI 100 ! and the number of instalments wished: up to 12 payments, no interest. The online payments are directly processed by the issuing bank by means of the platform fMobilPay, https://www.mobilpay.ro/public.
The payment system is secured to the highest standards including 3D Secure.
9. Delivery of Products

Minet Conf reserve their right to carry out validation of orders prior to honouring them by contacting clients by phone .
Minet Conf offers free of charge transport for any value , everywhere in Romania, no matter which the place of destination is.
Orders placed on the website www.domine.ro are sent by express courier within 1-3 working days after the order has been launched.
Only one delivery address will be accepted per each order. Delivery shall be carried out within the delivery term confirmed on the date of the phone validation of the order;
S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. reserve their right to delay or cancel deliveries of the ordered products if they cannot be honoured for motives independent from S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. including without limiting to: producer’s unavailability governmental actions, force majeure setbacks, wars, terrorism deeds, protests, riots, civil unrest, fires, explosions, flooding, outbreaks, strikes.
In case that the client is not found at the mentioned address our courier shall do another attempt at delivery after which the order will be returned, the client following to incur the costs of a new dispatch, irrespectively of the value of the ordered products.
S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L reserve their right to cancel an order in case that the price of the product or certain features of the products have wrongly been introduce in the database or wrongly displayed, provided that the delivery has not been performed yet.

10. Right of Withdrawal

Consumer is entitled to notify in writing the trader of his giving up purchasing, with no penalties and without motive to be invoked within 14 days after the product has been received, save the Domine mattress, for which the withdrawal term is 100 days-time.
in order to exert your right to withdrawal you shall inform Minet Conf SRL about your decision of withdrawing from the contract, by e-mail, to the contact address [at] domine.ro or making use of the received return form that shall be filled-in and sent by e-mail or by post to the address: 12, Depozitelor Street, Ramnicu Vâlcea, Vâlcea County. The withdrawal form will be supplied on demand by e-mail or with regular mail. .
The withdrawal form is available here. The return form is only a model and is not mandatory
Products shall be returned into their original condition (such as initially dispatched) and in the original packing and cost related to product return shall be borne by consumer. S.C. Minet Conf S.R.L. will refund consumer all sums received for payment from consumer’s side within maximum 14 days after acceptance of the parcel at registered offices of Minet Conf SRL. Refund of sums shall be done by the same payment method as the one used in the initial transaction, save for the case that you have expressed your explicit agreement for another reimbursement method.
In case of failing to observe the return term of 14 days after having received the product, consumer will lose his right to return the product.

10.1. Right to Withdrawal for Mattress Domine:

Consumer is entitled to notify in writing the trader that he gives up purchasing with no penalties and invoking any motive, within 100 days after having received the product (date of receipt received from the courier company). Consumer shall bear the cost related to the return of products. Consumer prior to expiry of the return period (100 days), shall inform Minet Conf about his decision of return by one of the following variants:
• use the specimen form of return that may be sent on demand
• make any other unequivocal statement in which to express his decision of withdrawal from the contract .
Return of products shall be done by courier company to the address: 12, Depozitelor Street, Ramnicu Vâlcea, Vâlcea County.
In case you return the products in view of being refund the equivalent value of such you shall also return any possible gifts received. The parcel (including any possible gifts) shall be returned accompanied by the following documents: invoice and receipt from the courier, in original or in copy.
Products shall be returned into their original condition and original package (packing of the product shall be protected during the entire time of carriage from client to delivery in the warehouse of Minet Conf), and cost related to product return shall be borne by consumer
Consumer is liable to return all component parts of the returned product, or else Minet Conf WON’T refund the equivalent value of the respective product. The term for refund of the equivalent value of products returned is 14 days after acceptance of the parcel by Minet Conf, based on Governmental Emergency Ordinance O.U.G. 34/2014. In case that the parcel is not accompanied by copies of the documents as well as all the component parts of the product, Minet Conf DOES NOT undertake any responsibility concerning refund of money or settlement of the claimed issue. We could postpone reimbursement until on the date we receive the products back. Minet Conf will proceed with destruction of incompletely returned products within 90 days after the date of accepting the said products with no other obligation to the client (refund of equivalent value of products or restitution of the product received from client) .
Personnel of SC Minet Conf SRL shall not go to the client’s domicile to pick-up the products.


Products Minet Conf are rigorously checked to assure they meet the highest standards for quality and long-lasting as well as to meet the wishes and needs of as many clients as possible.
Therefore we offer you warranty for mattress and toppers as follows:
Mattresses Domine Hybrid Supreme: 10 years
Toppers Domine Dual Action Aloe Vera: 3 years
*Drapes related to mattresses and toppers have 2 year warranty.


Any individual having suffered a prejudice further to personal data processing carried out unlawfully may address the competent court for repair of such.
Any litigation occurred related to utilisation of this site shall be settled amicably; in case that settlement of the conflict was not succeeded on amicable way, the competence is in law courts’ charge.
A continuation of your action supposes agreement with these Terms and Conditions.

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